Keyword Rich URLs For Your Inner Pages

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We noted in the previous article that choosing the right domain name is very important for your website’s online performance and that it is important to choose keyword rich domain names for your website. This article takes this step one step further and emphasizes the importance of choosing your website’s inner page URLs correctly. 


When you are designing your website and deciding the navigation of your website you should make the URLs of your inner pages search engine friendly. How to make your web page URLs search engine friendly?  One of the ways of making your web pages  search engine friendly is to make the file names search engine friendly when you are saving the inner pages try to follow some uniform convention and make it a point to include the top keyword of that page in the website URL or the file name. This will improve the keyword strength of your web page and also improve your website’s ranking in the search results. Google will certainly give credit to you efforts on making the pages search engine friendly. When you are naming your files choose keywords that are most appropriate to the page and also make sure that the URL is meaningful and easy to remember. 


When you are creating your website navigation, make sure that the URLs do not contain any special characters. Using special characters in the URLs will make it difficult for the search engines to crawl your pages. This can result in search engine indexing issues.


Making your website URLs search engine friendly or keyword rich will help you boost your website ranking in the search results. Choosing keyword rich URLs is one of the easiest ways of reinforcing top keywords. As you have total freedom to choose your website’s URLs you can make the best use of this opportunity to improve your website’s ranking in Google and other search engines. At times, you might want to choose keyword rich domain name but the required domain name may not be available but with your inner page URLs, you have total liberty. So make the best use of this freedom you have and make your website search engine friendly. 


When you are working on your website’s architecture, pay attention to keyword details. By carefully working on your website’s architecture choosing the right file names for every page you can improve your website’s online performance. You just need to make sure that the URLs do not get clumsy just because you need to make the URLs keyword rich. Discuss your requirements with an SEO company so that they can help you come up with the right URLs. It is always best to decide your website’s architecture in advance before you approach your web design company because your web designer may not be creating file names as per your search engine requirements but randomly name the files. This will affect your website’s search engine friendliness and its ranking in Google and other search engines.