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One of the link building methods that is becoming increasingly popular is local directory submission. Today more and more people have started concentrating on local directory submission strategies. Most of us already know about directory submissions and normally with directory submissions we will submit to all directories as long as they have good PR and as long as they have a suitable category to which we can submit our website.

Now that the SEO industry is more knowledgeable about how search engines operate and how links from different sources are given different levels of importance, has started concentrating on local directory submission.

Here, you will have to submit to directories that concentrate on a specific geographic location such as a state, city or town or even a country. Search engines when retrieving the results for a given search will first produce results that match from the local searches. This is to give the internet user the most appropriate results that they are looking for. In most cases when people are looking for a product or service, they will prefer to consider a local company. That is why local search results gain importance here. By submitting your website to local directories, you will be able to get the attention of the search engines and you can get listed for local searches. It can either be your website or the listing that you have made in the directory that can get listed. So it is worth spending considerable amount of time on local directory submission along with submitting your website to global directories. Local directory submission will make your keywords even more powerful for local searches. So make as many local directory submissions as possible to enhance your link power and your keyword strength. This does not mean that you should only submit to local directories.