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Yahoo Closes Briefcase Online Storage Service

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

There are a number of online storage solutions in the market. These solutions were designed and sold for helping people who have problems in storing all the information they require in the local drives. These products are frequently updated as well and the updates would automatically be updated in the clients’ systems depending on what package they have signed up for. The most popular among them are SkyDrive developed by Microsoft. It has a free storage capacity of 25 GB. MediaFire is an online storage system that offers unlimited storage space. The pricing again depends of the package a person chooses. Google as well is expected to launch its remote data storage devise GDrive this year.  More similar products might also hit the market in the next few months.

On the other hand, Yahoo has decided to close its online data storage system Yahoo! Briefcase. The data storage system had a storage capacity of 25MB space but there are no upgrades planned for the system rather it is decided to be shutdown. In the recent months, many services offered by Yahoo like Yahoo Music Unlimited, Mash and Yahoo Photos have been closed and now Yahoo Briefcase is the next service on the row.

Yahoo Briefcase was launched as an online data storage solution before 10 years and has been serving millions of users. However, the capacity of the storage space was too low. Now it has been decided for some reason that the service would be closed on March 30. All users of Yahoo Briefcase have been requested to have their data downloaded or deleted before March 30. After 30th of March, all accounts in Yahoo Briefcase and the information stored there would be deleted and the service would be closed forever.

Though the reason behind is not exactly known, Yahoo says that its users have outgrown. However, based on the bad time that Yahoo has had in the past few months, experts guess it to be due to financial issues of the company. Some other investigations say that the new CEO of Yahoo Carol Bartz is focusing more on the advertisement sector in which Yahoo has been doing well and trying to cut off unnecessary expenses and least paying services. Of course, it is true that the users of Yahoo mail and Flickr are much more than Briefcase and it has lost its popularity as well. The Yahoo team has now decided to concentrate more on the services that are more used and popular among its users. Yahoo is now trying to tighten its budget and working on more revenue generating services and projects. However, no one in the industry is sure on what exactly Yahoo is planning to do or what goal it has set for itself. Now, it seems that they are just trying to restore its stability. Hope the luck of the new CEO brings good luck to the company.

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