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Will The New Google’s Adwords Policy Make Any Difference To You?

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Google has recently announced that there is going to be changes in the Google Adwords policies around September 2014. In this announcement, Google has stated that it will be launching a new AdWords Policy Center.

Google has indicated number of reasons why they are launching the new Policy Center for Google Adwords policies. Quoting Google’s own words, “We want to make our AdWords policies more user-friendly, accessible, and engaging for both advertisers and users. We hope that these changes will give you a clearer picture of what Google cares about and why.”

Google is planning to make its policies fewer and simpler. Greater transparency can be expected on why Google is having each of its policy in place. Google also will furnish information on how a specific policy can affect one’s ads.

These policy changes will be implemented universally and it will be applicable to everyone that is currently following Google AdWords policies.

Some of the areas that are going to get special attention include restrictions on advertising weapons, tobacco and fireworks. These products will be featured under Dangerous Products and Services Policy in the new Adwords Policy.

Once the new policies come in to effect, you are required to review the new AdWords Policies and ensure that your ads comply with the new policies.

As of now, Google has not made any statements on how Google is planning to deal with ads that are not compliant with the new policies and that how long the non-compliant ads will be displayed. An extreme case that we can expect after the launching of the new policies is that non-compliant ads will be disabled. If you are posting new ads, they may not be approved if they have non-compliance issues.

Google Adwords Policy

Google has already existing policies on dangerous weapons but there have been lot of discrepancies on what is in the papers and what actually happens. Google’s policies on dangerous weapons have not been applied consistently. For example, Knife Depot had problems with its ads in the past but the company noticed that its competitors’ ads are being featured. We can see numerous ads in Google’s sponsored listings that clearly violate the Adwords policies. You could see these violating ads along with their images. Therefore, as far as the new policy changes are concerned we are not sure how effectively they are going to be implemented globally and how consistently they are going to be applied.

If you visit the page on upcoming Policy Center Google has announced that it will be adding new sections to its policies. Google’s upcoming Policy Center has categorized its policies under four major categories namely Prohibited Content, Prohibited Practices, Restricted Content and Editorial and Technical.

It is expected that when the new changes are implemented, Google will suppress the ads that are currently under violation of its policies.

It is best to keep checking for the Google’s New Adwords Policy Center for the latest policy changes in September to see what exactly has gone on with the changes. You can save your ads from disappearing from the listings if you can act fast enough. There will certainly be a grace period before which Google stops all the ads that violate its policies. To avoid losing traffic to your website through Google AdWords, make your changes as quickly as possible.

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