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SEO NEWS: Wars on Twitter Rock SMM World

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Over the weekend, SEOs and SMMs watched Twitter explode with tweet wars that had the world sitting on the edge of their collective chairs. It began when Paul Krugman, an NYT columnist, tweeted that he though fellow columnist Tom Friedman should be dropped by the paper. What ensued was a high profile fight until one major factor came to light – Krugman doesn’t use Twitter.  An impostor secured an account with his name and stirred up the pot for fun. The situation was cleaned up amicably.

In another tweet war that spilled over from blog comments, a blogger that was caught using copyrighted images without permission exploded on the person that served her with a take down notice. Unsatisfied by that, said blogger opened a string of Twitter accounts to harass anyone that commented on the issue in a very creepy stalker manner. Eventually, that too died down to apparently as no one seemed willing to take her bait.

As one SEO commenting on the situation related, it is amazing anyone with a high profile these days has not locked up their name on Twitter. It is simple and could make tweet wars like the first a non-issue because the account doing the attacking would be known as false. Similarly, users opening strings of Twitter accounts to stalk and harass other users is on the rise and Twitter needs to crack down and start blocking ip addresses rather than proxy accounts alone. Maybe it is time for Twitter to step up and put on their big boy hat – it would make good business sense to protect their users.

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