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SEO News: Google Beats Out AP

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Many an SEO delighted in the fact that in the recent elections, Google beat the AP to the punch with accurate results. For many a year, the AP was the standard when it came to what was considered trustworthy election news and results as they unfolded. It was believed the Internet could not be harnessed to do the job as efficiently and many pro-net people even believed that to be true in at least this one area. That may all be changing now.

A gentleman by the name of John Keefe used Google too, for his map that tracked election results. It not only worked, it worked better than anything else. As he cited, Google handled data much faster than AP files could be dealt with. What he built was free, always a bonus, and he had the ability to easily share it. All of that adds up to doing something better by employing a dose of ingenuity.

The results were evident to everyone. Google wasn’t just faster, it was accurate. AP, among other traditional news agencies, have been called out lately for not getting right in a timely manner. The combination of the two factors is a major reason why online platforms may replace AP as the standard in the very near future. Worth mentioning is that the map Keefe created was even better than Google’s! SEOs rejoice, the Internet was validated once again.

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