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SEO Industry Survey

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

An interesting SEO industry survey shows that around percentage of SEO firms generated revenue of more than $500,000 in the last 12 months. Around 93% of the SEO firms sampled indicated that they are expecting their SEO agencies to grow in the subsequent 12 months and that they are planning to hire new staff to support their growth. This study also indicated that around 37% of the respondents managed to generate only around $30,000 or less in the past twelve months. These 37% of the companies earned around $500 to $1000 per customer. In this survey, around 1700 SEOs were interviewed of which around 27% of them are freelancers. Among the most frequently requested SEO services were onsite SEO followed by Google+ optimization. This report also shows that there is no demand for affiliate marketing services.

New Adwords Policy

Google recently announced that a New Google AdWords Policy Center would be launched to make its policies on AdWords campaigns lot simpler and more transparent. These policies are likely to revolve around the restricted products and services. The new policies are likely to come into effect anytime in September 2014 and the webmasters are required to review the new policies and make their ads campaigns compliant with the latest policies. There are certain restrictions in Google AdWords policies but there are also numerous violations. It is not uncommon to see ads that violate these policies that still appear under sponsored listings. Google has not stated how much grace time will be given to the advertisers to review their ads and to make the necessary changes. It is expected that Google is likely to present more details on the new policy and how soon its effects can be seen when the actual policy is launched. Google has planned to add more categories to help people understand the restricted items those cannot be advertised.

SEO Industry Survey

SEO Ranking Factors For 2014

As per an in-depth study performed by the Search Metrics, content has now become the main focus of SEO. It was a known fact that content played a very important role in SEO but all along the understanding was that content should be one of the ranking factors but the study shows very clearly that content is not just an additional factor but a decisive element in determining the ranking of your website. The report shows that there is a direct correlation between a site’s ranking and the quality of the content used in the website as well as in its marketing efforts. Lengthier the content the better it is for your ranking. Content with good internal linking structure proved to help websites better with their performance.

Other SEO ranking factors those have proven important in 2014 include on-page SEO, backlinks and social media signals. Keyword density, which was considered not to be an important factor, is now resurfacing in this study. Well-balanced distribution of keywords in the titles, content and in the page titles helps in the ranking of websites. Page loading speed proves to be another important factor for ranking websites in 2014. This has a lot to do with user experience. Good site architecture in general proves to be one of the most important on-page ranking factors.

As far as the backlinks are concerned, it is not just the quantity of the links that matter but it is the quality of the links that really help a website.

With regard to the social signals, there is a slightly lesser correlation between the strength of the social media signals and the corresponding site’s ranking. However, the overall values on social signals have increased.

As per the latest study under question, when users spend longer time in the website, such sites subsequently received better ranking. There is a direct link between this user signal and a site’s ranking. In addition, when the bounce rate is higher, the ranking was affected. URLs with lesser bounce rate had better ranking. This factor points to the need for reliable hosting solutions.

Except for a few changes, not much has changed with the ranking factors in 2014 except for the fact that content is growing increasingly significant.

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