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You might think that this series of articles has been focusing too much on keywords and the related topics. In fact we cannot emphasize enough the importance of keywords and the related dynamics. Keywords give your SEO efforts very specific direction and orientation. Though keywords are very important aspect of your website’s SEO, overdoing the keywords part can prove to be detrimental to your website. Along these lines, one of the factors that gains significant importance and that deserves your attention is keyword stuffing. It is best to get input from your SEO expert or your SEO service provider on keyword stuffing. 


What is keyword stuffing? As the term suggests, when the frequency of occurrence of keywords in your web pages is more than what is expected, then it is considered keyword stuffing. Generally, keyword density of up to 5% is considered normal and tolerable. When the keyword density goes further than this recommended percentage, then search engines will start looking at your website with suspicion for manipulative techniques. 


It is known to everyone that Google and all the search engines depend on the content in your website to assess the relevance of your website for the given search. In your efforts to make the content keyword rich if you repeat the keywords in the content too many times, search engines rather than promoting your website in the search results will only penalize your website for stuffing keywords in the content.


One of the things that you can do to avoid keyword stuffing but ensure good keyword density is to use variations of your own keywords. Using variants of the same keyword will look natural and search engines will not penalize your website for any manipulative strategies. 


Besides subjecting your website great risks, you will also be irritating your website visitors by making the quality of the content inferior with keyword stuffing. When you stuff too many keywords or having your keywords repeated too many times the readability of the keywords will be affected. Search engines in particular Google emphasizes that your website should be designed to cater to your visitors and not be totally search engine centric. When you are trying to make your website and your web page content search engine friendly, also remember to make the pages user friendly.  When you take balanced approach to optimizing your website you will be able to get good ranking and better online visibility. Try to avoid the temptation to stuff your web pages to keywords.


When you are getting your website optimized or getting your website content pick the right SEO services provider so that your SEO service provider will guide you through issues like keyword stuffing. If you choose an inexperienced SEO company then they will not help you with search engine friendly content but subject you to unnecessary risk.