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Webpage submission to directories has been one of the most effective link building methods. You can make your webpage submissions yourself or hire a company to make webpage submission to directories. If you are hiring an SEO company to make your webpage submission to web directories are article directories, double check that you are hiring the right companies. You must always choose reputed companies to handle your webpage submissions. If by chance you end up with companies that use webpage submission services that are not SEO friendly or use any black hat strategies, then you will subject yourself to unnecessary problems. Search engines will mark your website for black hat SEO. This will have lasting negative impact on your website. 


All the search engines prefer that you make legitimate link building efforts to build links for your website. Your links count will have to increase gradually and if it shoots up suddenly then it will look artificial and search engines will look at your website with suspicion. So careful consideration is required when you make webpage submission to online directories. Even a small mistake can affect your website seriously. Whether you are using paid directory submissions or free directory submissions, you will require clean links for your website. Never use any shortcuts as it can affect your website’s online reputation. 


When it comes to link building through webpage submission, you will have to make regular submissions only then you will be able to stay on top of the competition. Consistent webpage submission efforts will help your website on the long run. Though we would like to drive instant traffic to our website, waiting for organic traffic will indeed be more beneficial for your website on the long run. So make as many webpage submissions as possible to get better rankings in the search engines.