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Are you new to the Internet marketing arena? Are you planning to establish a strong web presence? If the answer is yes, you would be indeed surprised to know that a well designed website has a huge role in establishing your web presence. Therefore, you will require the help of a professional SEO web designing firm to develop a good looking, user friendly website for you. However, surprisingly, all the companies working in this field are not professional. The development of an apt website requires the web developers and designers to follow a set of guidelines. Nonetheless with the presence of many web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and more, the wrongly encrypted code can lead to improper functioning of the website on different browsers. The web designer must follow the instruction of W3C, an acronym for World Wide Web Consortium. W3C is the main International Standards Organization for the World Wide Web.

The organization has laid certain guidelines which must be followed by every SEO web design firm and designer for a nicely designed website. Following the guidelines of W3C can help in the development of an interactive website. Most of the designers nowadays use the CSS technology to develop charming websites. The main aim of W3C is to ensure that computers across the world communicate in the same language, so that the web page looks alike on all the browsers. This requires the website to be designed by utilizing standardized and validated code which uses HTML in different ways.

This will allow the code to work perfectly well in all the browsers. The SEO web designing forums stress on taking the aid of only those experts and designers who can develop a site that could work without any flaw on all the browsers. In addition, the website must also be designed in a way that it complies with the need of PDA whose mobiles as well as other electronic devices are good for Internet usage. Therefore, when you are looking out for an ecommerce web design firm and web application Development Company, keep in mind to select the one which follows the guidelines of W3C.

You can use the W3C validation to design a SEO friendly website. Having a W3C validated website means that the website is 100% right and doesn’t possess any sort of html coding errors anywhere on the website. A well designed SEO friendly website can help the website to gain a better ranking on the search engine. Search engine like Google and yahoo prefer good sites that are designed by SEO web designing firms. There are numerous web design tools that which can help one to create error free html coding. Make sure that the website doesn’t have any major coding errors such as those in header tags, bold, strong, meta tags and more as they play a big role in increasing the SEO ranking of the site.

 As a matter of fact, some of the guidelines provided by W3C to the SEO web designing firms in respect to languages such as CSS, HTML, XHTML, DOM, XML are given below. According to W3C, CSS is better than HTML as it copes up with the browser defaults on its own. In addition, XML must be used for web designing as it is easier to use. The use of CSS allows the service provider to change the overall appearance of HTML and XML applications. DOM is the language of future and therefore, it must be used by the SEO web design firm for the development of an effective website. Till date, W3C has proved to be the most reliable organization when it comes to web standards. Abiding by its guidelines can help the website designing firms to develop a quality website that could attract a large customer base and convert the leads into sales. Easy accessibility of the website on numerous browsers would help the site to develop a loyal customer base. The languages recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) do not require the usage of any unnecessary coding. It also makes debugging and troubleshooting easier if a particular code is followed by the site. Thus, if you are designing your website for the first time or are planning to redesign it, never forget to make use of the guidelines issued by W3C. So go ahead and design a marvelous, highly profitable website.