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Each and every element on your website has a significant role to play in SEO web design. Years ago the World Wide Web was much smaller than what you see today and the search engines used much simpler technologies. With the tremendous increase in the number of websites, the search engines had to adopt newer and sophisticated technologies to identify fraudulent activities and to avoid degraded content. This indicates that every web designer should be careful when adopting a strategy to increase the visibility of a website. Unethical website optimization techniques can result in the penalization of the site. It is commonly seen that the emphasis is mostly on enhancing the quality of the text and the other elements of a website are left unattended. Reputed web designing specialists never overlook the importance of images on a website.


Image optimization is one among the numerous on-page optimization techniques. It is true that the website that is stuffed with images takes longer time to load. There are chances that the visitor may run out of patience and leave the website in this scenario. On the contrary, if the web design company successfully creates a website with rich text without any pictures and images, the result would be no different. The visitor might find the website unattractive and may leave the same in minutes. Hence, it is important to identify the image optimization tactics that help you include the images to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your website without hampering the user experience.


Image optimization that help you enhance the overall looks of your website is being considered as one of the most important SEO web designing tools due to its power in increasing the visibility of your website and page ranking in search engines. A common question that is heard is how this is possible. When you optimize an image you can do it with two major intentions: to help the web page that carries the image to receive a higher search engine ranking or to help the image itself to rank high in Google images and Google Universal Search. In simpler way, you can say that the image optimization is a part of SEO web design and the aim is to achieve a higher website ranking in the search engine listing or draw more volume of traffic to the website. Even though this sounds simple it is not so easy to achieve. The emphasis should be given on the following: originality of the images, image name, alt attribute, title attribute, image size and quality of the images.


Originality of the images: It is not just necessary to ensure that you have genuine text on your website for successful SEO web design, but also original images. Make sure that the images that you include are not copied from anywhere else in the internet. Installation of codes on the images and addition of watermark on it can help you prevent copying, downloading and cropping of your images by someone else to be used for their websites.


Image name: This is a commonly ignored feature while uploading the images during web designing. There is no specific software that has been invented till date to identify what exactly is present in the image. Even if it is time consuming, it is necessary to name the image by using a relevant key word associated with your website. This surely will help in optimizing your website.


Alt attribute: This is a commonly heard, yet overlooked, critical step that is essential to be implemented for SEO web design. It is recommended to add a descriptive text for the images using the alt attribute so as to enhance the page ranking. Keyword stuffing in this attribute can result in spamming.


Title attribute: This can be used if necessary to add some descriptive text. This is not quite popular as of the other methods.


Image size and quality of the images: In SEO web designing, poor quality blurred images are never included as the visitors prefer to stay away from such images. If the height and width attributes of the image is not specified, the browser might take longer time to load the image.


Each of these attributes if used properly in SEO web design can create a user-friendly, visually attractive and high ranking website. Image optimization presents you with a great opportunity to drive more traffic to your website. This shows why a successful website can be created only with the optimization of the images.